​​Other Pain Changers:

Hot stone massages bring deep tissue relief as the warmth penetrates as the stones are used in my hands to slide and compress during the massage work.

Kinesiology tape application helps with many conditions and healing injuries.

Pilates combines movement, stretching and the use of apparatus to help you manage your body. 

Rose petals getting ready for hot compresses especially formulated for my sensitive (and/or pregnant) clients.


Scar treatments combining a hand-prepared poultice of herbal ingredients, careful cupping with liniment and massage aid in revitalizing tissue and breaking apart adhesions which will minimize the impact of scars on your mobility and aesthetics.  

Renew, refresh, regain yourself.

Thai style massage on the mat is received clothed and can vary from intensive deep tissue  to very light careful work on fragile areas.  Thai massage  often includes hot compresses or cupping and the application of liniments.

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) relieves symptoms  of post-surgical or traumatic edema/(swelling) as well as chronic high-protein lymphedema.  MLD is a specifically delivered form of very mild skin surface level bodywork that targets the lymphatic system, but carries a wider effect to the nervous and muscular systems.  MLD can be beneficial in relieving pain for people whose conditions like fibromyalgia may not otherwise tolerate hands-on massage.

Complete decongestive therapy is also available.

Manual Lymph Drainage in Eugene

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​​Schedule  Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) from one of the few Certified Lymphedema Therapists  in  Eugene/Springfield. 

Thai massage, cupping, scar treatments    & other healing options await you.

Valerie Ford,  LMT, CLT   

Oregon LMT #22440