Why the specialty in treating people with Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion?

A few years ago I was riding bicycles in a National Park with the guy in my life when he wrecked and acquired a TBI.  I started specialty trainings to help his recovery and realized how much was possible and how few people have the skill and training to do the work.  I’ve found that a combination of lymphatic treatments of the head and neck, and various light touch osteopathic treatments of the cranial bones and membranes, nerves, vasculature and even brain tissue has a big impact on his life and lives of my other patients with brain injuries. 

 Teaching you self manual lymph drainage of your own head is a part of every treatment plan.  Chronic conditions like a TBI need effective maintenance and I’ll help you with personalized videos so you can keep the clarity and pain relief as part of your daily life.

And of course head injuries often are accompanied by body injuries, so treating the head injury is only a part of each session.   

 There is an interesting study that two of the institutes I studied with did with former NFL players after Ricky Williams found success in the treatments that combine cranial sacral work with visceral and neural manipulation work. See more about that here -http://www.upledger.org/what-we-do/concussion-program.php.

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