I believe change is possible.  

Helping you feel more ready for your life

Valerie Ford, LMT CLT


Valerie is a bit of a study geek and launching off on a second career, graduated from Lane Community College's massage program while finishing an MDiv.   And while chaplaincy didn't turn out to be her path, she's continued on a quest of sorts to have at her fingertips a grasp of 3D anatomy and manual therapy for body systems which has led to the completion of extensive advanced courses from great programs including:

Norton School's Certified Lymphedema Therapist course of study and specialty head and neck lymphedema training 

Upledger Institute's Craniosacral and Brain Therapy curriculum

Barral Institute's Neural, Visceral and Vascular Manipulation curriculum

Chickly Health Institute's Lymphatic, Brain Therapy and Neonatal Reflex curriculum


Jeffrey Burch's Functional Methods  (or Jedi school as we like to call it) and Visceral Manipulation curriculum

Naga Center's  traditional Thai massage and healing therapies program and 

Balanced Body Pilates where she certified as a Pilates instructor.  

Manual Therapy at Full Circle Fitness   

License # 22440

Whether you are coming to my studio for stress and pain relief, to assist in healing from an injury or surgery,  or to manage a chronic problem like lymphedema, I'm excited to be part of your good health.

Every session is tailored to what you and your body are telling me today.   You and I will co-create a session that is right for your body and includes manual therapy that supports you, whether that means helping your brain cells get a fresh fluid supply,  releasing restrictions caused by surgical scarring and/or edema or easing the pain of old sports injuries.  Helping you feel more ready for your life is a calling for me.